Day one: Broken leash, surfboard into the rocks, broken camera and a torn hamstring. sounds like it would be an awful trip... not by a long shot, the Maldives was so good I still had an incredible time.

After a 7 hour drive to the Tampa airport, 4 hours to Boston with an overnight stay, a stop long enough to run across the entire Dubai airport followed by a quick 4 hour trip finally here is my view from the Male airport right out of the gate, not bad at all. And my board and bags made it one piece.

My awesome surf-guide from Justsurfvillas ready for our 15 min. boat ride to Himmafushi Island.

The island villa, very spacious incredibly comfortable and as you can see the rooms come with security for your luggage.

A predominately Muslim country, there is quite a stark contrast between the resort areas of Dhonveli and Hudhuranfushi and the more traditional Himmafushi island, the Himmafushi locals were all very welcoming and helpful during the entire stay while the resort islands were a nice side trip for some relaxation and a few cold drinks.

Took some time to grab a few underwater pictures, thanks to Robin Baskerville at for the photos.

Despite the torn hamstring it was time to get on the other side of the camera and get some waves of my own, a little painful and slow but still managed to pull it off.

A little bit of diving in between.

And finished off the trip with some more good waves and good company.

Thanks again to Aaron, Keri, and the rest of the crew for making this a great trip, hope to be back next year.

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