Snowboarding in Austria

A can't miss in Europe, if you're into natural beauty, great nightlife, friendly locals and of course amazing snow and terrain with enough vertical to make your legs buckle. St. Anton located in the Tyrolean Alps in Austria is home to three major peaks accessed by 11 gondolas and 51 chairlifts has pretty much everything you can ask for from beginner to expert skiers and snowboarders, for those more inclined to ride a comfy couch or barstool there are 15 cafes, countless bars, Spas, restaurants and 3 discos.

St. Anton Arlberg downtown. Got in just after a good foot and a half storm. Nice timing.

Right in the middle of the madness....well not much madness during the day. Everything was very orderly and organized everyone is getting ready to let loose once the sun goes down. Not sure if we could get any closer to the main lift (it sits just behind our hotel.)

Timing continued to be amazing, how could conditions this good not be more crowded? must have some good karma working for me this trip.

Found even less crowds the more we worked towards the farther runs, this was just getting better and better.

This is pretty much what I have always envisioned when I hear about the Alps.

"wait you want me to go down what?" Johnny with a little contemplation before the commitment.

Fantastic view heading to the back bowls hoping to find some untracked runs. A little mood music to get the blood pumping (Some old school Pennywise should do the trick)

The advantage of taking a big chunk of the morning looking for better conditions....first tracks and the rest.....all mine. several good runs down this trail and plenty of fresh powder

So this is the point I lose my trusty sidekick, couldn't talk him into the rest of the runs.

Seriously how could you NOT want to throw yourself down this? Untouched for days!

OK I guess I will have to mention most of these last few required some navigation around man-made obstacles, otherwise known as ski area boundaries. Another good thing about European skiing the boundary signs are more of a strong suggestion and a "hey if your willing to get yourself down or pay the price " attitude.

More snow piling up for me and my new best friend (A local Austrian and the only other person for miles) giving each other the international " Are you dropping in first?" look on the Valluga peak.

After using several of my dwindling nine lives on the off piste trails civilization is once again in sight. Was able to locate my sidekick after he decided he had enough snowboarding and wanted to expand his horizons by researching beverage choices of several of the mid-mountain taverns.

A view of St. Christoph promises warm fires, great beer maybe a trip to the hot tub and some investigation of the nightlife. Not a bad view to end the day.

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